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About us


TechSmart Training limited specialise in delivering high quality bespoke in-house, classroom based and online training courses from beginner level to advanced in computer programming taught by skilled IT professionals.  We offer a number of CPD accredited in-house and public classroom based courses so whether you are an individual or an organisation, we have something to suit your needs.   

We are committed to upskilling software development teams by using an effective mix of classroom training, solo and group study exercises using the latest technologies and programming methods.

Whether you want to boost the skills of an existing development team, are an individual looking to become a software developer or just want to get skilled in the latest technologies, we have something for you.

All of our courses are CPD accredited and so adhere to the highest quality standards.  We train using all of the latest cloud based technologies including AWS and MICROSOFT based courses.


At TechSmart we provide Software Engineering services and solutions by skilled professionals providing Technology Solutions to companies of all sizes, from startups to global corporations. 

Seamlessly integrating into your project and ensuring your code base is left in a maintainable and extendable state.

We rely on test driven development and agile methodologies to help us to deliver reliable software every time.

Some of the technologies and languages we rely on include but are not limited to, AWS, Azure, .Net Core, C#, Java, Python, ASP MVC, JavaScript including JavaScript libraries such as React and AngularJS