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The C# language fundamentals course is designed for learners who wish to gain programming knowledge to allow them to build computer programs using the C# language. The course covers C# language fundamentals and is designed to enable learners to move onto further education or training or to begin their career as a software developer. After completion of the course learners will be able to progress onto our more advanced programming course which is designed to get the learner through Microsoft exam 70-483. The course is designed for those with very little to no programming knowledge.

At the end of the course, learners can optionally take two further modules where you will learn valuable interview techniques and skills to help you in your quest to become a software developer. These modules will cover topics such as Test Driven Development and refactoring techniques to product clean code.  These extra modules are not required for the CPD certification but do provide invaluable experience for interviews. 



  • Install Visual Studio Community Edition 
  • Understand the foundations of the C# Programming Language 
  • Create applications that run in the console 
  • Declare and manipulate variables
  • Write flow of control statements (loops and conditionals)
  • Create methods for code reuse and readability
  • Organise your code into related classes
  • Exercises to practice language fundamentals 
  • Quizzes to help to reinforce your knowledge 
  • Anyone who wants to learn C# language fundamentals to enable them to build computer programs using the C# language
  • Those who wish to begin the journey to becoming a Software Developer or are looking for a career change
  • Developers who want to brush up on their C# language skills
  • Students who wish to progress onto further education or training

C# is a widely used and well respected programming language used by many small and large scale organisations.  This course will equip you with the required skills to move onto further education or training at a more advanced level or to begin a career as a software developer.

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in learning and so no formal qualifications are required to study it.  This course is suitable for you if you wish to learn new skills or start a new career as a computer programmer..

To receive certification you must :-

  • Complete all lessons of the course
  • Pass the exam at the end of the course with a score of 55% or more (each module includes quizzes and live coding exercises to reinforce your knowledge)

On meeting the criteria, you will receive your certificate by post or email. 

This course is CPD accredited. CPD accredited courses count towards the total of CPD hours to submit for your job role. CPD points are recognised by employers within the public and private sectors and across academic institutions in the UK and internationally.


Course Breakdown

  • Downloading and installing visual studio
  • Launching visual studio for the first time
  • Hello World Deconstructed
  • Quick Quiz
  • Introduction to Value Types
  • Simple Types and Variables
  • Simple addition
  • String interpolation in C#
  • Coding exercises
  • Questions
  • C# Types and Variables
  • Expressions, statements and blocks
  • Operators
  • Quiz
  • Questions?
  • Meet the if statement
  • Meet the else statement  
  • Debugging and breakpoints
  • Play a game
  • Coding exercise – write the game as a program
  • Different solution examples
  • Questions
  • Meet the For Loop
  • Meet the For Each Loop
  • Meet the While Loop              
  • Meet the Do While Loop
  • Arrays
  • Quiz – which loop
  • Coding exercise
  • Solution
  • Questions
  • Classes and Objects?
  • What are methods?
  • Void methods
  • Methods with a return value
  • Fields and properties
  • Constructors and overloading methods
  • Coding exercise
  • Questions

Optional Modules

During this module you will learn to pair with other developers to write code.  This is an essential skill in most agile code environments and one that you will need to know in practical interviews.

  • Why should we test software?
  • The TDD cycle
  • Baby steps
  • Time to practice
  • Our first unit test
  • Visual studio shortcuts for refactoring code
  •  One assert per test?
  •  Should I test private methods?
  • Why clean code?
  • Meaningful names
  • Functions 
  • Comments – comments do not make up for bad code. 
  • Objects and data structures 


 TechSmart Training is an official AWS educator and we’re passionate about all things AWS. At the end of just three days you will gain a professionally recognised CPD qualification that you can showcase to employers. Possessing these AWS developer skills really will make you stand out from the crowd because AWS is the market leader in cloud computing. After completion of the three days, you will have hands on skills with AWS which will make you vastly more employable. You can stop there as you will have earned a professionally recognised certificate or with our help and resources you can prepare to be an AWS certified developer associate.
This workshop is run over three consecutive days and is designed for programmers who need a work related accredited professional qualification to showcase their skills or those programmers who just wish to understand more about Amazon cloud services.
The workshop will be very hands on and while no cloud experience is assumed, some basic programming experience would be advantageous, however, this is not a necessity. During the three days you will build an end to end application and cover concepts including IAM users, API Gateway, Serverless computing with Lambdas, SNS and SQS queue systems as well as the concepts of no SQL databases such as dynamo db. During each day there will be some taught theory before progressing onto the practical application of what has been learned. By the end of the week you will know how to build an end to end application using Amazon cloud services. You will gain a professionally recognised CPD qualification to showcase to prospective employers. Cloud specialists are highly sought and so this course will directly contribute to your career progression and Curriculum Vitae.
AWS professionals earn up to £70,000 per year.


  • Host a static website in an S3 bucket
  • Create and confirm Cognito users to authenticate to API Gateway
  • Create IAM policies and roles to grant access to Lambda functions
  • Write Cloudwatch events
  • Create Lambda functions
  • Perform CRUD operations on dynamo DB
  • Create a restful API via API gateway to trigger Lambda functions
  • Setup and publish messages to an SNS topic
  • Send email messages to subscribers of an SNS topic
  • Setup SQS queues and receive and delete messages



This course is designed for learners who already have a basic grasp of the C# programming language and who wish to progress to a more advanced level.  Learners who do not meet this requirement can take our C# Language Fundamentals course.  During this course you will learn advanced topics such as delegates, events, asynchronous programming, data security such as how to encrypt files and hash data and much more.  Once you have completed this course you will have gained a solid understanding of the fundamental aspects of the C# language and you will be ready to take Microsoft exam 70-483. If you do not decide to progress onto the Microsoft exam, you will still receive a professional CPD certificate which can be used at interviews or to contribute points to your job role. There will be optional modules that are not required for the certification such as design patterns, writing unit tests using TDD and writing clean code.


Please contact us for more information on upcoming courses and locations.


Please note that if you have completed our C# language fundamentals course, we can offer a 10% discount.

Microsoft Azure developers design, test, build and maintain cloud based applications and are highly sought after by employers. During this course you will be trained by a Microsoft Certified Trainer who will guide you through the core skills required to pass exam AZ-203. You will cover all of the core exam objectives and we will include practice tests taken directly from the Microsoft documentation so you will be ready to take the exam. If you decide not to take the exam, you will still gain a recognised CPD certificate.

Skills Measured 

  • Develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service compute solutions
  • Develop Azure Platform as a Service compute solutions
  • Develop for Azure storage
  • Implement Azure security
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize solutions
  • Connect to and consume Azure and third-party services 
Please contact us for more information on upcoming courses and locations.

Bespoke In House Training for Organisations


This is a unique tailor made package that will be created by industry experts to meet your requirements. At TechSmart we can tailor make a suitable package from existing CPD accredited “Off the Peg” courses or we can create a brand new package to meet your needs.

We offer training to upskill development teams in Object Orientated Principals and the fundamentals of creating maintainable software. Additionally, if you are looking to upskill a team in cloud based technologies, we have a range of courses to suit.

Whether you are interested in a graduate programme or empowering lead developers with the skills they meed to develop their teams, TechSmart can help.


This is a bespoke course where you chose what skills your developers learn.

Examples include but are not limited to :

  • Modules to learn Object Orientated Language Fundamentals 
  • Software craftsmanship 
  • Test Driven Development
  • Learn the art of writing clean, habitable and maintainable code
  • Design patterns to solve common problems
  • Agile working practices
  • Serverless computing using cloud based technologies including AWS, Microsoft and Salesforce
Who is this course for?

This course is for organisations who wish to empower development teams to enable them to write clean maintainable software. The course is particularly suited to teams working in agile environments.

Career path

This course will upskill development teams and enable participants to move into more senior roles to enhance their career prospects.